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Derby Community Survey

WA Labor is committed to maintaining Royalties for Regions and willensure that the funding is spent on the priorities of people living in regional WA including health, education, roads and job creation.

We are concerned about some of the current priorities of spending by theLiberal National Government and are working hard to ensure transparency andaccountability of expenditure and improved service delivery across the region.

Please take the time to complete the survey below and provide us with your feedbackon a range of issues that are currently impacting on the residents of Derby.

Fields marked with a red stripe need to be filled in.

First Name  
Is there enough employment opportunities
for Derby residents?
If yes, is it ongoing employment?  Yes
What industry/sector?  
Has the new Derby Community Mental Health
and Drug Service helped the community with
suicide advice and support?
If yes, what services have assisted the community?  
Is there enough mental health support available
for families?
Does more need to be done by the State Government
to reduce Derby's high rate of suicides?
What services would you like to see offered in
the future?
Have you accessed the Patient Assisted Travel
Scheme (PATS)?
If yes, what services did you access through PATS?  
Did PATS provide adequate cover to meet your costs?  Yes
If no, how much were you out of pocket?  
Is there enough Police to assist with crime prevention?  Yes
If no, what areas are being overlooked?  
What State Government services have you accessed
in the past 12 months?
Is there a particular State Government service that
could be provided? Please provide details.
How would you rate access to State Government
services on a rating of 1 (bad) to 10 (good)?
Which roads or sections of road in the Kimberley
area should be given priority for upgrading/sealing?
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