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Josie Farrer Preselected for Seat of Kimberley

Tuesday 19 Jun 2012

WA Labor Leader Mark McGowan welcomed the Kimberley preselection of well known and respected local Josie Farrer at last nights ALP State Executive meeting.

"Josie brings exception local knowledge and experience to my Labor Team, especially her strong family & cultural links and her extensive local government experience", Mr McGowan said today.

Josie Farrer is a Kija woman born at Moola Bulla station, near Halls Creek and has lived in Halls Creek ever since with her partner of thirty years, Mario. They have raised thirteen children together.

Given my experience growing up in the Kimberley I have worked hard to make sure that my children and grandchildren have more opportunities then I did – more opportunities for a good education, more opportunities for fulfilling work and every opportunity to connect with their law, culture and land in a meaningful way.

One of the ways Josie knew she could make a difference was by working on the local shire.

I served as a councillor on the Shire of Halls Creek for 16 years, including seven years as the Shire President. I believe that I was the first Aboriginal woman to hold such a position, anywhere in Australia.cccc

Josie Farrer also served on a number of regional boards and both state and federal committees including seven years as the deputy, and sometimes acting Chair of the Kimberley Development Commission.

"I always knew that to make sure our region wasn’t overlooked or undervalued it was important to have a say in the bigger picture. I now want to make sure that the Kimberley region continues to have a strong voice in Parliament. I am a passionate advocate for the people of the Kimberley Region and I have a strong commitment to maintaining Aboriginal culture "

Although a lot of my working life has been dedicated to helping the town of Halls Creek, if elected – I want my time in parliament to be about investing in the people and infrastructure within the Kimberley and ensuring our Kimberley values are not only maintained but respected by people who come here to live, invest and holiday in this great and iconic region.

The potential of the Kimberley region is immense, but we know only a Labor Government will make the investments required in health and education within the region.

Only a Labor Government will ensure that development is environmentally sound and delivers local jobs and local infrastructure to our communities and only a Labor Government will ensure that the decisions of traditional owners about their land are respected.

I want to be part of that Labor Government a government that will truly respect & realize the potential of the Kimberley region and its people.